diegogirl81 (diegogirl81) wrote in losangelesteach,

What's the situation at your school with the proposed immigration bill?

Hi, welcome to Los Angeles Teach, a new community that you can use to network and exchange information about issues that are going on in LA! I am female, 25, and I have been teaching at a middle school in South Los Angeles for the last three years. I was actually absent yesterday, so I missed this, but my school was locked down and my homeroom had to stay with the poor sub for 5 hours! Thank god I have a tv/vcr in the room. There was some violence against the administration, and a lot of students walked out. When I came back to school today I told my students that walking out and being violent was not only ineffective, but that it also made "southcentral" look even worse in everyone's eyes, and is this the impression that they really want to spread? Lastly, I told them that the only way that they could make any REAL change is to stay in school and get an education.

What is going on at your school, and how are you addressing the issues with your students?
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