Jen (minnie0612) wrote in losangelesteach,

First day jitters

No matter how many years I teach I always get jitters the day before the first day of school (today). I figured I'd offer up something to people...I was given these posters my first year teaching Math at my school by my Math Coach. They are small posters that are in a word document that you can print out and hang on the wall. They are just some tips for Math (and really for any subject). If you would like them feel free to download they are just tips for solving problems.

Make a Model
Guess & Check
Look for a Pattern
Make a Chart
Work Backwards
Solve a Simpler Problem
Act it Out
Make a List
Draw a Picture
Use Logical Reasoning

I realize it isn't rocket science but sometimes kids need that little "push" to help them solve problems on their own.

If you would like to download them go to

They look better in color but feel free to modify to your hearts desire.

If you need a little inspiration today, while you are lesson planning or cutting out shapes or whatnot put in a "teacher" movie. If you can catch "The Ron Clark Story" do that because it is definitely inspiring.

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